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On December 11, 2015, the i-MED vision e.V. was founded in Potsdam, inspired by the poignant experiences with the fates of children in the disadvantaged regions of Southern Africa, which deeply moved the founding team. These experiences led to a resolution to actively improve the quality of life and future prospects for these children.


Our work is supported by individual donations, contributions from over 200 dedicated runners of the Berlin Marathon Charity Program, the Nord-Süd-Brücken Foundation Berlin in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the RTL Foundation We Help Children.

Our goal is to improve the health and developmental opportunities of children and young adults in countries of the Global South. A particular focus of our work is on disease prevention, resilience enhancement, and competence development. We aim to build a bridge between the natural-traditional healing methods of our target groups and modern, scientific medicine through integrative medicine. By doing so, we create a foundation of trust for our work and contribute to cultural understanding within the framework of development cooperation.

Mission Statement


We are a committed group of experts dedicated to holistic health promotion in the Global South. Each member contributes to the success of our shared vision through their strengths and talents.


In 1998 we travelled to southern Africa for the first time and were impressed by the cultural diversity and deeply touched by the special atmosphere and the encounters with the people. The exchange and togetherness enriched us and changed our perspectives. At the same time, the experience of hardship and poverty in the disadvantaged regions was overwhelming and the need for action was obvious.

Development cooperation has become the focus of our medical work and we founded the i-MED vision association together with a committed multi-professional team.

Data and Forms

Here you will find all documents and publications, mostly of a bureaucratic nature, as well as relevant figures and data.

Annual reports



Non profit information

Social Media

We are active and accessible on the usual platforms. Feel free to follow us, get in touch, and stay up to date with impressions from our activities.


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