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As a certified non-profit organization, we finance our work primarily through grants and donations. We are grateful to be able to take part in great events such as the Berlin Marathon Charity Program, and private donations of any size are invaluable to us. We handle the funds entrusted to us in a transparent and responsible manner.


If you would like to support i-MED vision to promote child health, ensure food security, educate about mental health and provide medical care, and our projects pique your interest, there are many ways you can get involved. We regularly share the results of our targeted fundraising campaigns via our social media channels and also offer a monthly newsletter . Below you will find articles detailing our successes .

Of course, there is also the possibility of helping without making a financial contribution: follow us on social media, or get involved on a voluntary basis according to your skills and resources. We welcome all ideas.

What donations achieve

The donation form is currently being revised, you can find our bank details below.

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i-MED vision e.V.
IBAN DE40 1605 0000 1000 7410 75

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