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Here we have summarized all forms, documents and important bureaucratic data.

Figures, data and documents

The association has its statutory headquarters in Potsdam and has been registered in the local court's register of associations under number VR 8626 P since May 4, 2016.

The association's financial year is the calendar year.

i-MED vision is legally recognized as a non-profit organization and is exempt from corporate tax, so you can deduct donations to us from your taxes.

​We will automatically send you a separate donation receipt for the tax office for donations of 50 euros or more.


We confirm that your donation will be used for tax-privileged purposes in accordance with §§ 51ff AO, or §§ 60a para. 1 AO. For donations under 50 euros, we can also issue donation receipts on request - please contact us.
Individual donors will receive a donation receipt from us throughout the year.


Donors with a regular donation mode (sponsors) automatically receive a collective donation receipt in January of the year following their donation - on request we can of course also issue individual donation receipts - please contact us.
We are only allowed to send donation receipts by post, not by email. Please remember to include your address, especially as this must also be listed on the donation receipt for the tax office.

Further information about our association

Registered in the register of associations.
Register court: Amtsgericht Potsdam
Registration number: VR 8626 P

Register entry

Documents and forms

For download as PDF. English versions of most documents are in the works.

The application for membership in the club.
Simply fill it out and send it to us by email or post.

Our current association statutes.
(As of December 2015, in German)

Annual reports


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