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The i-MED health concept supplements the on-site offerings with digital tools. This allows us to flexibly scale learning content and always keep it up to date.

The i-MED e-learning platform is used in our courses and workshops, while the People app functions as an independent tool. It serves as a constant companion and advisor in the area of child health and is specially designed for parents and other caregivers of children.

APPS and E-Learning

The People app is available to all users free of charge, offline capable and serves as a constant companion and guide on the subject of children's health. After entering symptoms of illness, the user receives information and recommendations for action that are important for the health and survival of the children: Do I need to call an ambulance immediately? When do I need to see a doctor? For which illnesses can I use local medicinal plants as home remedies?


The combination of the on-site educational program and the "People App" creates a comprehensive knowledge base and promotes health-conscious behavior.

People App

The medical learning content of the i-MED learning tools is developed by our team of doctors with proven expertise in their respective fields.


Markus Reckhardt

Prof. Dr. med.

Markus Reckhardt

Specialist in neurology and psychiatry, head physician of the Center for Neurology and Pain Therapy, Klinikum Niederlausitz, professor at the Brandenburg University of Technology, Department of Medical Informatics

Bärbel Reckhardt

Dr. med.

Bärbel Reckhardt

Specialist in pediatrics and adolescent medicine, systemic organizational consulting, coaching, mediation

Heike Wolter


Heike Wolter

Charitè - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Campus Virchow Klinikum, Deputy Head of Social Pediatric Center, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, FASD Outpatient Clinic

As part of the i-MED programs and courses, we impart basic medical knowledge on the topics of child health, mental health, food security and urban gardening.


Our programs are aimed at people in disadvantaged regions of the global south. In addition to our on-site work, the e-learning courses offer the opportunity to prepare for or review learning content. The online courses will soon also be available independently of our programs.


our E-learning is currently being revised

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