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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.Nelson Mandela

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children die every year in South Africa before the age of 5 from complications caused by preventable diseases.
Two main problems
are responsible
1st Problem

1Lack of basic
Medical Knowledge

Insufficient basic medical knowledge makes parents and educators unable to recognise warning symptoms of children’s health problems. There is a lack of knowledge about appropriate reactions to diseases, and there are only few possibilities to obtain important information.
2nd Problem

Medical Care

Medical care in rural and severly underprivileged areas is insufficient. In the case of a medical emergency, a doctor with suitable expertise is often unavailable.
what is needed?

What is needed?

Access to education

Access to knowledge

Access to doctors

What do we do?

How do we help?

Access to education

Training Programme

The training programme combines local seminars with an e-learning platform. It is mainly designed for nursery school teachers.

They are close attachment figures to the children and parents and thereby crucial multipliers of medically relevant knowledge in the township community.

  • Educate App
  • On-Site Training

Access to knowledge

Knowledge database

Information on the most important diseases can be acquired online through an intelligible knowledge database at any time.

Access is available to parents, nursery school teachers and nurses. It is customised according to the respective needs and levels of education.

  • Knowledge + Diagnosis App
  • Ecology

Access to doctors


Nurses operating in areas with insufficient access to medical care can constantly seek advice from cooperating specialists through a telemedicine portal.

They can forward medical reports in form of text, image and video to specialised doctors, who can immediately provide important, specialised treatment information.

  • Clinic App
  • Medical Consulting
unsere Vision

Our Vision

We support the children in the townships of southern Africa in their physical, emotional, and mental development, so that they can find their own way into a fulfilled and self-determined life.

We have the intention to build a bridge between the traditional methods of treatment of southern Africa and a modern, scientifically substantiated, integrated medicine to contribute to cultural integration in addition to training and education.
We need more straightforward solutions like this project, to sustainably improve the livelihood of children in townships now and in the future.
Ulla Schmidt
Vice-President of the German Bundestag
The burden of disease amongst children in Sub-saharan Africa remains significant. I-med vision is a fantastic non-profit initiative that aims to improve healthcare in South Africa. It represents the perfect marriage between technology and public health. I look forward to supporting some of its projects in the near future.
Dr. Sanju Sobnach
General Surgery Resident, Cape Town