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With this year's funding from the 50th Berlin Marathon i-MED runners team we are going to implement our first Mobile Health Center.


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The Marathon Story

We started the i-MED Berlin Marathon Charity Program in 2019 with 10 i-MED Team Members. It was the beginning of an exciting journey which will take us to 125 runners at this year's Berlin Marathon. All spots are already taken.


What we do

We enhance the health and development of children and young adults in countries of the Global South through targeted health education, medical aid, and skills development. We have developed a comprehensive health promotion concept, with health education and self-support groups being central to our work. Our urban gardening programs, which involve growing vegetables and medicinal plants, further broaden the range of services we offer.


Our Health Education Center in Masakhane

For many years, the i-MED Health Education Center in Masakhane has been pivotal in our educational activities focused on child health and mental health in the Overberg region, near Cape Town. People are reaching out to us for assistance. Our offerings include workshops, training courses, family planning, vaccination campaigns, medicinal plants for teas, self support groups, and much more.


We want to reach out to small and rural communities

To extend our work to smaller, more remote regions, we want to introduce a Mobile Health Education Center. Our goal is to acquire a small bus In October 2024, that will function as a Mobile Health Center. This vehicle will enable health promoters and nurses from our partner organization, i-MED africa, to travel to the locations where they are most needed.


"Let's move it together"

Under this year's charity slogan we raise funding to be able to purchase a suitable vehicle which we can transform into a mobile health center to support more and more communities in South Africa.

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