The Veggie Box Initiative is an ongoing project developed from the charity gala “Chefs who share – the ART of giving”. We got to know this wonderful initiative and their founders Barbara Lenhard and Florian Gast in Cape Town. It was clear immediately: We have the same goal. We want to improve the health and development opportunities of the children in the townships of southern Africa. With its medical training, i-med vision offers a sustainable child nutrition program, which is directly tailored by a paediatrician towards the special needs of the different development phases.
The Veggie Box Initiative provides nutritious food to children and helps in developing sustainable vegetable gardens in underprivileged communities.

With the help of established charities and projects, nutrition consultants, chefs and staff, we visit and help out at schools, kindergartens, crèches and other charitable facilities to change the feeding schemes of as many children as possible.