The foundation of the i-med training concept is a close connection of local further training seminars and interactively structured online content.

The target group for the training programme are especially nursery school teachers, as they are crucial attachment figures for the children and their families. Medical knowledge is imparted in the context of attendance seminars. The e-learning platform offers the additional opportunity to prepare and follow up on covered content.

A part of the provided content is interactively structured. In particular, evaluating tasks are set to ensure active integration of participants in between events. This enables a constant evaluation of the learning success. The relation of onsite training and e-learning is structured to undergo development during the course of the further training. At the beginning of this process, onsite training is the essential measure. It enables a basis of mutual trust and appropriate recognition of the institution. As the course continues, online activities are scheduled to gain importance while the intensity of onsite activities is reduced. This is seen as a process of sublimation, which may transform into a relationship of e-consulting and e-learning after conclusion of the further training.