Masakhane Soup Kitchen

We join forces with local NGOs and the community to address food shortage during the lockdown.

How did this all get started?

On the 26th of March, South Africa was put under a strict lockdown, which meant for many people that they could not go to work anymore.

In an informal settlement like Masakhane, there are a lot of casual workers who get paid per day. When they can’t go to work, that means they get no money, and consequently, they can’t afford food eventually. Even those with stable employment had massive salary cuts or reductions. Something needed to be done.

The municipality, community members, community counselors, and NGOs like the Grootbos Foundation and i-MED vision came together to set-up a soup kitchen. The aim being that whoever is hungry can get one meal per day. Fortunately, everyone who needed food got a meal.

A stew with some kind of starch (rice, samp, pasta, pap) is served seven days a week, serving the community members in need.

How is i-MED vision is involved?

Health Education Center

i-MED vision’s premises opened up, as the place for the fresh vegetable preparation! The premises is the perfect place, situated in the middle of the two cooking kitchens. Open floor space, hygienic environment, and great airflow because of big doors that open up the whole front of the building.

Cooking site protocols

Implementation and managing COVID 19 regulations daily. Including tracking temperature and track record of each volunteer involved with operations. The management and implementation of all hygiene protocols at all cooking sites, including cleaning checklists, supplying sanitizers to kitchens and distribution teams. Providing masks and making sure that every person on site is wearing them and maintaining social distancing.

First Aid on cooking site

We are providing a qualified first aid officer, an emergency medical room stocked with all necessary first-aid needs. The cooking site is a hotspot for injuries, prepping food with sharp knives, cooking on open fires, gas ovens, and large amounts of very hot food. We have daily minor injuries of cuts and had a few burn wounds up until now, successfully treated.

Food Distribution

We support in logistics, planning, track keeping, feedback, COVID 19 regulation protocols of the 11 distribution sites across Masakhane. Working with a total of 33 volunteers only on the distribution side of things. These volunteers mostly consist of Masakhane community members who are giving their time seven days a week for free, serving their community. Volunteers at the distribution points are responsible for keeping the Coronavirus-regulations in place, serving and portioning meals served for track records every day, and providing masks to the community at these sites.

In times like these, we at i-MED vision are grateful to be part of the projects in the Masakhane community. We can continue having a positive impact, even if it’s in a different way than we are used to.